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Mobility & Flexibility Routines

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Regular mobility should form a staple of any balanced exercise programme. In the early stages it may make up the most of ones exercise programme to try improve their flexibility to even comprehend being able to do squats, swings, planks or adventurous movements. Having tight inflexible shoulders, hips, necks and backs will only lead to compensation and then eventually injury. Below are detailed videos to improve mobility and flexibility to various parts of the body. Below each video you will find a programme for you to follow for each section.

Thoracic Spine Extension


Spending long amounts of time with the thoracic spine in too much flexion causes poor posture and often poor extension. That is why it is important to include thoracic extension exercises in our workouts. It is not only important for proper posture but also to prevent neck, shoulder, and upper back and lower back pain.

Thoracic Spine Mobility


Spinal extension 10 – 15 reps

Camel (choose appropriate variation) 30 – 45 seconds

Book opener (choose appropriate variation) 45 – 90 seconds per arm (Deep breathes & relax)

Thread needle 30 - 45 seconds per side

Kettlebell plank 45 – 90 seconds

Shoulder Mobility


Shoulder flexion 10 – 15 reps

Sleeper stretch 45 – 90 seconds per arm (try contract relax)

External rotation 45 – 90 seconds per arm (try contract relax)

Arm bar 45 – 90 seconds per arm

Shoulder extension 45 – 60 seconds

Neck Flexibility


Trapezius stretch 45 – 60 seconds per side

Scalene stretch 30 – 45 seconds per side

Lavator stretch 45 – 60 seconds per side

Hamstrings & Calf


Contract relax towel hamstring stretch x 3 contract/relax as demonstrated

Chair hamstring stretch with rotations x 3 rotations then static stretch

Foam roller calf stretch x 60 seconds per leg add progressive movements as demonstrated

Hip flexor Stretch


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