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Myofascial Release

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Myofascial release techniques have been around for years. I appreciate that I do go into quite a lot of detail about this but I truly believe that if you educate yourself on the benefits of myofascial release, you can be empowered to look after yourself better. You no longer need to accept aches and pains, poor function or getting old.

Benefits of myofascial release:

· Helps disperse knots and tightness in your muscles

· Helps prevent injuries

· Improve flexibility, mobility & range of movement of joints

· Fluid muscle movement

· Increased proprioception

· Delays onset fatigue

· Techniques can be used anywhere at home, hotel rooms and the gym

For beginners

Myofascial release can be uncomfortable especially for beginners, by applying the techniques on a regular basis discomfort will decrease over time. Also when using the techniques for the first time you will come across tender spots and areas of referred pain. To start with you should hold these tender areas for 20 – 30 seconds without any movement.

Understanding discomfort and pain

It is important to identify the difference between mild to moderate discomfort imposed by myofascial release, pain that would indicate that something is wrong or induce a protective response. If the individual feels shooting or piercing pain the compression should be stopped immediately or adjust the placement of the technique. If after adjusting the technique the pain is not relieved then seek the advice of a licensed practitioner.


You should consult with your GP before applying self-manipulation techniques. If you have any of the conditions below you should seek further advice:-

· Osteoporosis

· Diabetes (uncontrolled)

· High blood pressure (uncontrolled)

· Varicose veins

· Pregnancy

Follow the videos below, please listen to the advice and follow the demonstration carefully. Before starting please make sure you have the correct equipment as listed –

· Lacrosse ball

· Orb ball

· Foam roller

Myofascial release for – Pectorals


Myofascial release for – Neck

Anterior neck release https://youtu.be/aKWXgQPraic

Neck and trapezius release (1st rib) https://youtu.be/LzIYhRPfubc

Myofascial release for – Upper back & Ribs


Myofascial release for – Quadriceps


Myofascial release for – Calf’s


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