Lifestyle & Body Transformation.


Welcome to the Honour Lifestyle and Body Transformation Programme. You’ve taken the first step to a new you and here’s some information to let you know what you can expect.


The idea of the programme is for the lifestyle changes to be sustainable, with no extreme dieting or training plans. The objective is to promote and encourage you to have a healthier lifestyle, which becomes second nature through realistic and achievable goals.


Once the programme has finished, a new healthier lifestyle and the results you’ve achieved will be sustainable. You will have a healthy relationship between daily life, food and exercise. 


Over the 10 weeks, I will show you how to track foods to maintain a healthy calorific intake which will, in turn, enable you to maintain steady fat loss and muscle gain. I will choose food groups to promote overall health by increasing energy levels, promoting recovery between workouts and improved digestion. I will advise you about necessary supplements (whilst also advising against any unnecessary supplements), foods that make you feel great and those that will support and improve all your physical performance in the gym. The key to making this a sustainable change is to have a blend of foods that you both need and like, so you can see yourself eating this way permanently.

 All of the nutrition information, plans and recipes will be available via our website. You will receive a username and password to access your private member’s site. The recipes, which will be macro counted for you, will be updated weekly. This will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration to plan and enjoy the foods that you eat. Sample meal plans are available to give you examples of how to implement a daily eating plan. These will include examples of perfect days, fasting days to cut back on calories and open bank calories for when you might be eating out or you have occasions which may require you to intake more calories.


The reason for coming into the gym is to get stronger, fitter, more mobile and to feel great. Whilst it is probably one of your main drivers, the training shouldn’t just be about weight loss! The training will help encourage fat loss and muscle gain but what you eat and your lifestyle will impact your aesthetic results more.


The training plan includes a 121 session each week (where we develop a bespoke plan based on your objectives, current ability levels and weaknesses), a group training session (where the objectives will include building and improving strength, mobility and fitness), access to our pre-recorded online workouts which are ideal for home use and access to our live studio classes.


I will advise you to attend your 121 and group training sessions without fail whilst performing or attending any of the other workouts is optional. I will suggest that you complete 3 to 4 workouts per week! 

I will be encouraging you to be as active as possible each day by performing 10,000 steps a day (with daily walks) and, where possible, performing low intensity exercise like swimming, cycling, rock climbing, gardening etc as much as possible! ‘NEAT’ calories will burn more calories weekly then the calories you burn in the gym.


As part of the programme, you agree to before and after photos. We will take the first pictures during session 1 in the studio. The after photos will be taken by a professional photographer during the last session, in week 10. I’ll need your agreement to take photographs and videos of our sessions throughout the 10 weeks for use on my website and social media platforms. 


I will take Body composition assessments, weigh you, measure body fat and take tape measurements. You’ll be taking in part a physical assessment where you perform common exercises, which are easily measurable and will show improvements in strength, fitness and flexibility. I will create an Instagram account where I can share more recipes, exercise tips and motivation for you.  


There are two options to start the Honour lifestyle & body transformation;


Option 1: Group transformation programme: Includes weekly group training sessions (in a group of 4) and a weekly 121 personal training session. Full access to all our group classes and online content including the transformation nutrition plan and the macro/calorie counted recipes. £650 for the 10 week programme.  

Option 2: Individual  transformation programme: Includes two weekly 121 personal training session. Full access to all our group classes and online content including the transformation nutrition plan and the macro/calorie counted recipes. £800 for the 10 week programme.   

The most important part of this is your commitment to the programme. Everything you do will be possible and achievable, but it won’t be easy! Although it will be difficult at times, I do ask for your honesty and commitment to the plan and, in return, I will give mine to you. 

Yours in health 

Jamie Honour 

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Recipe of the month Taken from our transformation plan  

Chickpea cookies:  

Ingredients (makes 12 cookies)

Tin of chickpeas

50g Coconut sugar

100g Oats

2 Bananas

1 tsp Baking powder

1 tsp Vanilla extract

100g Dark chocolate chips



Pre heat oven 180 degrees

Blitz ingredients in the food processor (apart from chocolate chips) then stir in the chocolate chips.

With a wet spoon, spoon the mixture into cookie sized portions onto baking paper/baking tray.

Bale for 20 - 25 minutes then allow to cool for a further 10 minutes!


The macros (per cookie)

Protein 3.5g

Carbohydrate 23.5g

Fats 4.5g

Calories 143