We structure bespoke programmes based on 1, 2 or 3 sessions a week. Sessions are not only led by our highly qualified trainers but also take place in our private studio with no prying eyes.

We structure our sessions to prioritize mobility, posture and function. Once your body is more flexible and functions well, the aesthetic side of the training comes shortly after where you’ll soon conquer your main goals with a body which is injury free and moves freely without restrictions.

As your fitness and strength levels improve, the training sessions will increase in intensity. Each training programme is aimed to develop as you improve your mobility, fitness and strength

Free Consultation
All personal training packages are discussed during a free consultation
5 Sessions
5 Personal training sessions
10 Sessions
10 Personal training session
10 Week Programme
20 Personal training sessions
2 personal training sessions per week
10 Week Programme
30 Personal training sessions 

3 personal training sessions per week
PGT £150 Per month 
4 personal training sessions per month

Unlimited classes:
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Share the cost of your personal training sessions by training with a friend or family member at no extra cost..