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Dario Brizzi 

Dario's amazing lifestyle and body transformation.

Stating in January 2022 where over the previous couple of years especially during the pandemic lockdown Dario had piled on the weight and had never been so heavy or felt so unhealthy. Fast forward to June 2022 (6 months later) Dario has lost 10kg (22lbs) and dropped a stunning 8% bodyfat, I'm sure you agree the transformation pictures speak for themselves! Dario has changed his eating habits using our advice and methods to track his calories, macros and activity levels while sustaining his balanced eating and training plan. Well done Dario what an amazing achievement. 


Katharine Peacey 

For a few years after my mum passed away suddenly in 2012 I piled weight on without even realising and before I knew it I was 110kg and the most unfit I had ever been. With my dad’s 80th birthday celebration looming my sister, who I have travelled this journey with, convinced me we should get some exercise and start a healthy eating plan and it was April 2016.

Looking back, now in January 2017, I have dropped three dress sizes from a size 20 to a 14 and have lost a whopping 24 kilos!!

I couldn’t have achieved the consistent weight loss, averaging 1-2lb every single week without the guidance and support of the varied exercise sessions and the sensible eating plan that Jamie at HH&W devised for me. I have been able to continue socialising and enjoying my life to the full throughout the last 9 months – even with a 2 week break in August – I continued with a light exercise plan whilst away but enjoyed a varied diet and a few glasses of vino.

My journey doesn’t finish here and I will continue because I love feeling so fit and well.
For anybody that is reading this and thinking they do not know where to start that is exactly where I was.

Jamie is so knowledgeable and easy to talk to, I would highly recommend you to get in touch for a no obligation consultation – there’s no better time to start.


I knew Jamie previously from attending some of his exercise classes and immediately thought he could help. I am a football league referee and although I played plenty of football and went to the gym, I still needed to improve my agility, speed, flexibility and lose some weight.

At my initial consultation with Jamie, we discussed in detail how to improve my function and he put together a detailed plan to improve my flexibility. The plan also included foam roller exercises to improve my recovery and overcome tightness in various muscle groups, as well as workouts to improve my core strength and agility. Jamie also advised how to structure my training better and I replaced football with more mobility and functional based exercises. Using the exercises Jamie had given me, I was able to develop my match warm ups and cool downs, resulting in better refereeing performances physically. This also improved my recovery afterwards.


Having signed up for a 10 week course, I was not disappointed with the results. In this time, my hip mobility improved hugely and I also gained increased flexibility through my calves, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders, visibly improving my posture. In terms of my sporting performance I was more agile and mobile around the pitch, with a real spring in my step! Overall I felt much stronger and was able to complete and progress exercises that I had previously struggled with. I felt much fitter and looked slimmer although had not lost quite as much weight as I had hoped.


I enrolled on another 10 week course with the main objective now being some serious weight loss. As well as tailoring my training, Jamie advised me on the importance of eating well and we put together a detailed nutrition plan. I must admit, the intensity of our personal training sessions went up a few levels! Eating more healthily also took a little adapting to begin with but after just a couple of weeks I had a lot more energy and the weight was dropping off really fast. I decided to stick with the plan and 8 weeks later I had lost nearly 2 stone in weight and over 4% in body fat. Friends, family and work colleagues all mentioned how much better I looked!


I would like to thank Jamie for all his help and motivation over the past 20 weeks but it has not finished there! As I continue to feel the benefits, I am still training with Jamie on a regular basis.


2 year anniversary and 7 stone lighter!

Fitter and stronger in mind and body! Thoroughly recommend HH&W! Jamie is an amazing coach, trainer and mentor and has shown me great support over the last two years and I look forward continuing my journey in becoming stronger and fitter!


The gym has a great family feel, the classes are awesome, especially favourite! I have made some great friends who shown great support and encouragement to each other.

Take the plunge you won't regret it!

Kate Steele 

When I first started training with Jamie, my main goal was to lose weight. I’d just had my second child and after two pregnancies I weighed in at over 14 stone. Through training with Jamie and eating healthily, I lost 4 stone over a period of 8 months. Although I have achieved my initial goal, I continue to train regularly with Jamie as I really enjoy the exercise sessions and they help me to maintain my healthy weight and good muscle tone. As well as feeling better in myself, I have noticed a marked effect on my personal life as I can now enjoy spending time being much more active with my children, which I struggled with previously. Jamie makes sure I continue to progress and develops new training plans as my fitness and technique improves. He somehow manages to achieve the perfect balance between being encouraging and challenging, making sure that I make the most out of the training session.


I first started with Jamie as part of a GP referral group, suffering from high blood pressure, general stiffness from age related arthritis and overweight. Having completed the course I felt the benefit, I started personal functional training sessions. Since then I have lowered my blood pressure and no longer take medication, dropped a dress size and my joints are stronger. A huge advantage has been that I no longer suffer daily pain in my neck and shoulders and I have much more mobility. This has enabled me to take up aquafit, body attack, and zumba gold without pain and it re-enforces all the hard work Jamie has done with me. I can recommend training with Jamie whatever your age and ability as it is never boring. He is very patient and gives explanations as to why certain exercises need to be done and what the next progressions of fitness will be.

Try it, and like me you might be surprised at just what you can achieve.

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