Leg Hovers

Leg hovers will strengthen the quads in end range and weakness in the quads can be one of the causes of tight hamstrings which may be causing you hip and low back pain. By the strengthen the quads in this position you will also strengthen other movements such as dish, leg raises, L sits and pancakes just to mention a few.

Find the video links and set list below for each workout.

Beginners single leg hovers


Single leg hover (sit on block) x 10-20 reps

Single leg hover (on floor) x 10-20 reps

Straddle single leg hover x 10 per leg

Spider leg single leg hover x 10 per leg

Leg hovers (leavers)


Straight leg hovers x 10-30 reps

Dynamic leg hover x 10-20 reps

Spider legs x 10-20 reps

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