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Glute Activation

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Strong Glutes (your butt muscles) are essential for hip stability which will help strengthen your lower back and core. Strong glutes are also essential for all your lower body activities, you will not squat, lunge, run or jump well with weak glutes. Weak glutes will often lead to some sort of dysfunction and injury if not programmed into a balanced exercise routine. Regular glute work will also encourage a nice toned backside which is a great bonus!

Follow the detailed video below to master each movement and then find the glute programme at the bottom of this page.

Glute Activation Routine

Set list below rest 30 seconds between all sets. Use links below to view videos.


Glute Bridge (static or reps) 2 sets x 30 seconds or 10-15 reps

Single leg Glute Bridge (optional) 1 x 5 - 10 per leg


Fire hydrant 1 or 2 sets x 10 reps per side

Bonus mini bands


Mini band crab walk 2 sets x 30 - 50 reps

Mini band clam 1 set x 10 - 15 per leg

Monitor form!

Mini band needed for crab walk & clams. Use a resistance level suitable to achieve the rep range with good technique and aim for the burn!

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