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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Welcome to our exercise and nutrition guide; an online tool which incorporates fitness programmes for all abilities along with comprehensive nutrition advice to help you with your health and well being journey.

We provide exercise programmes starting at foundation level, progressing to more advanced training with sample exercise routines and demonstrations. In addition, we offer a complete guide to nutrition which includes sample food plans and recipes.

We also take a serious approach on the mechanics of the human body and have detailed mobility and muscle release demonstrations and programmes. Having a body that moves freely without restrictions will improve your ability to move better and progress your ability level. In turn these techniques will reduce injuries and improve your recovery and posture.

We are always adding content to our site to keep it up to date and we can be available for one to one email support as well (with a 72 hour response time). We have plenty of sample programmes but can produce bespoke programmes for you based on the demonstrations and techniques that are contained within the following content. Please feel free to email us at honourhw@gmail.com


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