Adductors (inner thigh)

Tight adductors can cause knee pain, hip pain, groin pain and back pain. They can effect the pelvis which may mean we can not maintain pelvic stability and this may effect how we walk or run and our prevent us from progressing our movements and exercises. So I would advise you stretch the adductors combined with our glute activation exercises such as fire hydrents and clams which can be found on our glute activation routine. Also strengthening the adductors may be a good idea and this exercise demonstration is linked below along with the stretches.

Frog stretch

Repeat the flow two times

Bear sit

1 set 5 reps with arm assist and then 10 seconds hold

1 set 5 reps no assist and then 10 second hold

Adductor activation

2 sets x 10 - 15 reps per leg (choose either variation)

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