Pancake & QL Stretch

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The pancake stretch is the ultimate mobility stretch to improve your hips, hamstrings, adductors spine and shoulders. Below I have produced a programme to take you from a beginner to mastering the full pancake. Lets be honest now achieving the full pancake for some may be unrealistic but I'm sure if you can progress through some of the levels/exercises and stay consistent you will definitely feel the improvement to your posture and range of movement to the muscles mentioned above.

Before stretches such as these make sure you always start with a good warm up and try to include some pre hamstring, adductor and spinal stretches first for best results.

Use the video links below to view each section (please note there is a voice over for the pancake routine so have the volume turned up)

Pre pancake stretch - Stretch QL

The QL supports good posture and helps stabilise the spine. Working the QL stretch into your routine can improve flexibility to your spine, hips, adductors and hamstrings relieving aches and pains and preventing new ones

Dynamic QL stretch x 10 reps (hold each side 3-5 seconds)

Pancake routine: Monitor form and stop at the exercise you feel comfortable with.

Section 1 (beginners)

A: Modified pancake on chair bent knees

B: Modified pancake on chair straight legs

Section 2:

A: Modified pancake sat on block

B: Pancake arms to chair

C: Elbows to floor and reach with QL stretch

Section 3:

A: Pancake side to side switch

B: Pancake with stick

C: Pancake isometric hold

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