Bodyweight Workout

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

This workout contains exercises that rely solely on body weight for resistance and can be performed anywhere. These types of exercises can tone and build muscle, and improve your ability to burn fat. These movements also integrate the core into each movement so when done correctly they can improve your posture and whole body strength. Another advantage is bodyweight training improves your coordination and body awareness.

Beginners Bodyweight Routine.

This 50 minute routine is taken from our live bodyweight class but this version focuses on the beginners variations only.

Below find the you tube link to view and complete the warm up and beginners routine, the cool down and stretch routine will be added shortly through a separate link.

Set list

Round 1

Straddle leg hovers

Glute bridge

Seiza squat

Fire hydrant

Round 2

Kneeling push up planks

Prone T

Ballerina toes

One arm raise to hand cuff

Round 3

Hollow hold

Toe taps

Pelvic tilt

Side plank clam

Advanced bodyweight routine.

Below you will find the link for the warm up and advanced follow along routine. Before you complete this workout you will be at a high level of fitness & strength and have good understanding of our beginner and intermediate routines.

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