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Kettlebell Workouts

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Kettlebell workouts involve the whole body with each movement. The workout is fun and fast paced with the aim to tone the body while improve fitness, muscular endurance and body mechanics. Kettlebell workouts are very useful for training at home or on the road as you only need one weight and a small amount of space. Below is a guide to the basic movements you need to know before working with the kettlebells. These movements include the swing, clean, rack position and overhead lock out.

Follow one of the kettlebell routines below. Start with the beginner’s mobility workouts and then in time progress to the more advanced videos. Make sure you warm up using one of our mobility warm up videos before starting your kettlebell workout.

Kettlebell Swing


kettlebell Clean


Kettlebell Rack


Kettlebell overhead lock out


Kettlebell mobility 1 workout for beginners


kettlebell mobility 2 workout for beginners


Kettlebell full body workout (based on weekly class) Part 1 (set list below)


Kettlebell full body workout (based on weekly class) Part 2 (set list below)


Set your timer to 8 sets, 45 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds rest. Rest 1 – 2 minutes between each round! Set list below the video!

Round 1

Halo with transverse lunge

Good morning

Side lunge with rotation

Windmill (right arm)

Windmill (left arm)

Side lunge with rotation

Good morning

Halo with transverse lunge

Round 2

Lateral swing

Goblet squat press

Hand to hand swing with row (regress to swing if needed)

Turkish hinge (right arm)

Turkish hinge (left arm)

Hand to hand swing with row (regress to swing if needed)

Goblet squat press

Lateral swing

Round 3

Narrow press up (regress to hold if needed)

Suitcase lunge

Cossack curl

Turkish get up (right arm)

Turkish get up (left arm)

Cossack curl

Suitcase lunge

Narrow press up (regress to hold if needed)

Kettlebell Strength & conditioning workout


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